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The Furniture of Now for the Office of Now: Home. See us on "Clipped" on the Discovery+ channel 4 January. The Furniture of Now for the Office of Now: Home. And on January 4 featured on the shop "Clipped" on the Discovery+ channel featuring Michael Urie and Martha Stewart.

Leetes Island Woodworks

Baltic Birch Sawhorse, Work Height: Pair either 30" (large) or 23.1/2" (small) deep

Work Height: Small
Work Height: Large
Our taller (work height) sawhorse: light, very strong, stacks, and easy to assemble - no glue required. We have used this basic model in our shop for over 45 years. There is no better sawhorse for everyday use. We've noticed that people look at this and worry it's too light. See that photo on our page with a stack of plywood on top? We weighed each piece. The total: 4,100 pounds on two horses. What's the ultimate breaking load, you ask? We don't know - we ran out of plywood that day. The secret to its strength: that pocket the legs slide up into, and basic geometry. For an assembly video, go to YouTube at: