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The Furniture of Now for the Office of Now: Home. See us on "Clipped" on the Discovery+ channel 4 January. The Furniture of Now for the Office of Now: Home. And on January 4 featured on the shop "Clipped" on the Discovery+ channel featuring Michael Urie and Martha Stewart.

Leetes Island Woodworks

Very Elegant Desk / Table

Valerie: 40 x 24 P. Laminate Top
Grace: 50 x 20 P. Laminate top
Valerie: 40 x 24, Clear lacquer on Birch top
Grace: 50 x 20, Clear lacquer on Birch top
This is our brightest child. Like the sawhorses, it's light (23.5 pounds), easy to move, very strong, and sized perfectly for working at home. It's the nicest small table I've ever seen. The top: white laminate on Baltic birch, or Clear Lacquer on Baltic birch. The legs: Baltic birch, unfinished. The height of the top: 28.5/8". We are always five star! We sold 8 of these within the first two weeks, and that was one week after we came up with the design.  Assembly videos are in two parts: For the Base (which is a single 38" long sawhorse), go to: For the top attachment to the horse, go to: The cast of Characters: Louis demonstrating; Ken holding the iPhone. That is the entirety of LeetesIslandWoodworks.